I am an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Journalism, University of Southern Denmark, and an Affiliated Researcher at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, University of Gothenburg.

I do research on the role of the news media in democracy, with a focus on people’s news media consumption and its influence on their political knowledge, beliefs, and engagement. I also do research on methodological issues within communication research.

If you want to contact me, feel free to send an email to kand@journalism.sdu.dk.

You can also find me here:

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Andersen, K. (2018). The News Media as a Mobilizing Agent: Understanding the Underlying Mechanisms Linking News Media Use and Political Participation in Today’s High-Choice Media Environment. Odense: Print & Sign, SDU. ISBN: 978-87-93496-98-9.


Snak med førstegangsvælgerne omkring dig [Talk with the first-time voters around you] Analysis in Politiken (with D. N. Hopmann), April 20, 2019.

Er dårlig uddannelse skyld i journalisters uvidenhed og falske historier? [Is bad education causing journalistic ignorance and false stories?] Commentary in Berlingske (with M. Skovsgaard & D. N. Hopmann), July 8, 2018. READ HERE

Det er et tab for demokratiet, at ‘X Factor’ stopper på DR [It’s a loss for democracy that ‘The X Factor’ stops on DR] Analysis in Politiken (with R. T. Pedersen & M. Skovsgaard), January 20, 2018. READ HERE

En problematisk populær metode i journalistikforskningen [A problematic popular method in journalism research] Commentary in Journalisten (with E. G. Larsen), November 3, 2017. READ HERE

Deles 92% af danske nyhedshistorier på Facebook? [Are 92% of Danish news stories shared on Facebook?] Commentary on TjekDet (with E. G. Larsen), September 27, 2017. READ HERE

Hvad skal vi med public service? [Why do we need public service?] Commentary in Berlingske (with E. Albæk, C. Bjarnøe, J. Ohme, and C. H. de Vreese), September 21, 2015. READ HERE

Har du hørt det? [Have you heard it?] Essay in Berlingske (with E. Albæk, C. Bjarnøe, J. Ohme, and C. H. de Vreese), February 26, 2015. READ HERE